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On certain Caribbean islands zandoli is the Creole name of a small lizard, much appreciated by the natives.

Often considered sacred and a luck-bringer, it features in many Creole proverbs and tales in which it embodies relaxation and wisdom, escape and dreaming.

Curious by nature, the zandoli likes to explore its environment.

In constant search of warmth and light, he likes nothing better than basking in the sun during the hottest hours of the day. This little magician changes colour according to temperature or emotions.

“It was this zandoli that inspired us to create emotion, …”

Our ZANDOLI rums are to be enjoyed “basking”, eyes closed, slowly, in a glass gently warmed in the palm of your hand. They will take you to the ends of the world.

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From the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean …

Our ZANDOLI rums invite you to discover and travel. From Martinique to Reunion via Jamaica, our rums are distilled and elaborated to offer you diversity and aromatic complexity. Each ZANDOLI rum has its own character.

Distilled in their countries of origin, the typicalities and particularities of our ZANDOLI rums are intimately bound to the history and expertise of the different distilleries in which we make them, some founded more than 150 years ago.

Still white, our rums are then shipped to Belgium to be brought to the desired alcohol level and aged as per our quality requirements.

Our ageing method

Our entire range of ZANDOLI rums is aged in old Bourbon barrels in Belgium. The choice of our high-quality barrels and our know-how in their “bousinage” allows harmonious, sustainable development and ageing of the aromas of our rums.

Our control of the heating time and temperature of the barrels is a fundamental parameter in the organoleptic expression of our rums. We then proceed to blend barrels to guarantee homogeneity, regularity and a typical signature of our ZANDOLI rums.


Our range

Zandoli Reunion Island

Zandoli Reunion Island

Zandoli Jamaica

Zandoli Jamaica

Zandoli Martinique

Zandoli Martinique

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